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You Didn't Forget

For the past couple of months, I have struggled. Struggled with challenges in my home and missing my grandmother…her ways, her fussing, her laughter, our conversations, everything about her. You see the holidays should be a wonderful time to share love with your family and friends and to be thankful for what we have; however, some have experienced loss of love ones and hardships. Sometimes the pain and hardship tend to overshadow the wonders of what God has given. Sound familiar? Basically, forgetting what we have with us cause the experience of what we have lost has been so great.

When life hits like a flood you often question and wonder where is God? Where is God when life turns you upside/down, inside/out and things appear so cloudy, you become in despair. Even those who are looked upon strong in the faith, waiver and doubt. Like I said the last couple of months have been really challenging and after praying and praying, I asked “God have You forgotten about me? Lord, I believe you haven’t left me, but help my unbelief”; Mark 9:24.

So today, once again I woke up with a heavy heart, but knew there were some things I had to take care of therefore, kept it moving. I went into the grocery store for two things: a pie to purchase for Thanksgiving (nope I am not cooking this year 😊) and toilet paper. As I was in the beginning of the aisle for toilet paper, the Lord brought to my remembrance I needed some bowls. I proceeded to walk towards the end of the aisle to grab some.

There stood a seasoned woman. She turned and said to me how blessed she was to wake up this morning, how thankful we should be when we wake up every single day, how if we've given our life to Christ, we should be more thankful because it's all in his hands and he has things in control. For a brief moment, I became paralyzed in amazement. How could she have turned to see me, I be in this particular place, in this position, for her to say those words to me? For real, I could have ran up and down the aisle; I could have shouted but I teared up and smiled. I told her thank you…for she had no idea when I had been going through. This was a woman I have never seen and didn't even know; but here she was speaking words of encouragement to my spirit.

At the end of our conversation, she said to me, it’s ok, you’re going to have a blessed day. WHEW! While walking to my car, I became overwhelmed with thanksgiving. You see, He had not forgotten about me. He had heard my cry and saw my broken heart; Psalm 34:17-18. Over and over, the words “Thank You, God” poured out. Only God could have put me in the perfect place, the perfect position, to send His servant to speak encouragement over my day.

Since coming home, I have replayed my experience with this woman. A woman, I did not know, where God put me at the end of the aisle, to pick up something I was not originally going to pick up. It wasn’t by coincidence she spoke words of encouragement to a situation she knew nothing of. I was only supposed to be at the beginning of the aisle.

He didn’t forget about me, and He hasn’t forgotten about you. If this story shows nothing else, remember, God’s word reminds us that He will never leave us or forsake us; Hebrews 13:5. Even when our hearts are hurting, or we are struggling with life, He sees Me, He sees you; Genesis 16:13.

As we enter into the holidays and we get caught up in the business of life, my prayer is this give you encouragement. Regardless of what our circumstances and situations may look like, God has everything in control, He has not forgotten about you. All you have to cry out to Him, and He will come see about you.

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