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Vaché L. King




     A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Vaché L. King, is God’s servant, Dee’s wife, DeAnté (Samesha), Dariel, and Damión’s mother, and Karter, Kennedy, and Kerrington’s MiMi…in that order.  Vaché’s passion runs deep for helping women in breaking down barriers we have created within ourselves.  She knows through her own life experiences, the pain we bear, the heartache we wear, mistakes we’ve made, and decisions we’ve chose and how that sometimes distorts our view when we look in the mirror; therefore, Vaché serves to empower women to see how God sees.  She encourages women to understand there is a calling on their life that far surpasses what life may appear to be.

     Vaché’s life story is “Redeemed (for she was purchased with the blood of Jesus)…Restore (after life continues to throw its challenges, He still draws her to Himself)…and Renew (as she submits to Him daily, He transforms and renews her mind).

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