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Dear Woman of God,

     It was the day of your birth, God created you, and the Dr. said, "It's a girl!"  Your mother/father/family smiled upon you, so excited, so happy, so thrilled, and amazed at your birth. You were innocent, you were perfect, you had no blemishes. 

    As you grew, there were decisions, choices, and mistakes made.  Some so striking, they had a lasting impact on your life.  And let's face it, that's what some mistakes do; they leave you in a place where it seems you cannot get out of.  Mistakes can leave you confused, dismantled, insecure, outright broken, and low; so low, it becomes easy to listen to the father of lies...satan.  

     And here you now stand, a woman of God and on this page...this blog. Remember, the day you came into this world?  Although the Dr. announced it was a girl, God already knew.  He knew the journey you would take, the mistakes you would make, and said, I have plans for you my daughter; (Jeremiah 29:11).  He said because I knew and created you before you were in your mother's womb; (Jeremiah 1:5), I would call you a birther, a giver of life.  You are the encourager and the one who edifies.  You are a soother, you make things better.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made...even with your past.

     It is not by coincidence you landed on this page, for this story, this journey, is my journey as well.  As you travel this blog with me, be encouraged you are not alone.

                                                 Love Your Sister in Christ,

                                                                  Vaché L. King 

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